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Adam Rogers

Software Engineering Student

About me

I'm a 2nd year student studying Software Engineering at John Moore’s University currently on track for completing 5 years of HE and receiving a Masters(Mcomp).
The main langauge I currently use is java but do have experience in python, HTML (CSS & JS) and have also dabbled with PHP. Luckily I'm quite a visual thinker which I believe helps me with my programming as I can visualise what's happening or at least is meant to happen. My favourite module by far on my current course has been the Software Group project it really expanded my knowledge on the language and taught me a lot about using different API’s, and gave me a really good understanding on objects.
I’m currently looking for a placement for my third year, I would very much like it to be involved in the software industry and am hoping it to expand my knowledge of languages and general computing.

My Passions

Picture of Java
Software Engineering

Ever since a young age I've loved computers. My first experience with development was at the age of 14, whilst playing Minecraft. I found about modding and decided I wanted to make my own. I did the research and followed tutorials I still remember the feeling of getting something to appear on the screen. And since then have loved learning to develop software.

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As mentioned in the segment beforehand, my software interest came from my passion for gaming. I enjoy nothing more than taking a few hours exploring an unknown world, taking on a challenge or playing with friends.

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My PC is my pride and joy in my life, it took me two years at the age of 14 to save up and build her since then I have made many additions.
- Processor: Intel i7-4770K
- Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus VII Hero
- RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 2400Mhz Vengeance

Breif Education History

High School
The Sutton Acadamy

During high school my interest in computing began. unfortunately it was an IT course, which like most high school level subject focus more on a business aspect, but it was good enough to kick start an interest. The main module I remember where website creation in which we used (HTML, CSS,JS). I expanded on this by making a little site with a friend which we hosted flash games on. I could do this in class time as I finished all the modules 4 months early.
I also took electronics as another option which helped, as it taught me logic which has really helped me in programming.

St Helens College

College is where I had my first real software experience, by learning the language pascal which taught us the main logical expressions and also got us used to the procedural way of programing, then went us to python which we then used to learn event driven then also object-oriented programming. From this I decided I’ll be specialising in software and would further pursue my education in. I also covered subject such as website production, database design, information systems and human computing interaction.

Liverpool John Moores University

I'm currently in my second year of university studying Software Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University.
Expected Course End : 2021

Contact Me

Email: cmparoge@ljmu.ac.uk